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Who we are

The Black Sun Prophets is the vision and manifestation of singer / songwriter Armando Almirall, aka The Witch Doctor and guitarist / composer Bill "Monad" Cruz.

Armando is a Pagan Spiritualist, a Spiritual Healer and Teacher. He and his wife own and operate one of Miami's leading metaphysical and occult supply shops known as The Witch's Garden.
The Witch's Garden

Bill is a self taught guitarist and composer who has been playing since the age of 14. A multifaceted artist in, and of this digital age, he has a digital project studio which he calls Mystic Sound Studio, is a web designer and digital graphics artist.

Our mission

We are the Black Sun Prophets and we come from across the sea of the manifested universe, where there is allot for you to see.

We are the messengers from the void, the keepers of the universal laws that make up reality as you know it. Our mission is to aid you in raising your vibration and awareness to a new level of being in which your will becomes the will of the void by entering the doorway through which anything is possible.

The Raven will help guide you through. Be aware of your surroundings because anything can be a message to aid you on your journey to the void.

About our site

This is a site for fans of Black Sun Prophets. It allows the band to provide registered members first preference to new content, music, videos and giveaway contests. To become a member and gain access to member content, please fill out the form on the register page.


Some of the content on this site is esoteric in nature. By registering you accept that your beliefs in a higher being may be challenged and that the fabric of reality may not be what you thought. Join at your own risk.


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