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Clergy of MoonPath Circle

Clergy and Elders in Good Standing have joined through our Rite of Ordination and are listed below. Credentials are renewed each Beltaine (May).

Clergy: Governing Council

Sophia Linus:

(First Officer) is an All American Solitary Witch, or, as some might say, 'eclectic.' Since the early 90's she has developed her own spiritual path self-dedicated to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. Later she organized her public dedication ritual in November, 1999.

Although a solitary, Sopia Linus is:

  • A member of the Moonpath Chapter of CUUPS
  • The Local Coordinator for the Pagan Pride Project
  • An ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church
  • And has been performing legal Handfastings.


    (Second Officer) is a Hindu Fairy raised Hindu to honor the old ways.

    However, during her journey on her path, she has discovered the "Faery". Now that path leads towards reclaiming her Hindu roots and also discovering the hidden Faery within through the Third Road Faery path.

    All is to deepen her divine path, gain wisdom and practical working through Celtic Shamanism.

    She is also teaching Ancient Feminine Wisdom to women during their Moon Cycle.


    (Purse Warden) has been spiraling into the Craft since 1990.

  • His Goddess is Celtic and so is he.

  • He facilitates the Study Group at MoonPath CUUPS
  • And has been welcomed as an Elder into the Covenant of the Goddess.
  • He is part bard and more shoman than shaman, leads the occasional Ritual, and keeps peace among many on differing paths.

    There's more at spelcastor.org.

    dragnfli DECORIUS ilfngard:

    (Seneschal), a Faery shaman and ordained Priestess of the Goddess, works with a number of spiritual groups in the SE Florida area including:

  • The Sisterhood of the Temple of Ahel Adom
  • Luna Road Faerie Troope
  • MoonPath Chapter of CUUPS
  • And the UU Church of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Her passions are for earth-centered environmental activism/service work, connecting with and helping women, teaching teens, building community, gardening, and creating art of all sorts.

    She sees everything as sacred and so incorporates the magikal into the mundane, and vice versa, as much as possible – for there is no real separation of anything in this universe.


    (Scribe) is a lifetime Witch who recently started on the Pagan path.

    She is a Kitchen Witch who incorporates magick into her daily life as much as she can.

    She studies the Faery Faith. Her intention is to share the joy of a magickal life with seekers young and old, and her preferred means of doing so is through food and conversation.


    (Seannachie) is a second generation Rellian, a discordant and dysfunctional family tradition.

    He has been active in the Craft for 20+ year, moving in and out of leadership roles as sanity permits, with such groups as Silver CUUPS of Holly and Moonpath CUUPS.

    He has been known to put in an appearance at Florida Pagan Gathering