About: Well Springs Health Spa

Our main focus at Well Springs Health Spa is to see to the physical and mental wellbeing of our patrons. Through diet, some physical exercise, and meditation we insure that they leave here thinking and feeling relaxed, fit, and well informed to forge ahead with their busy lives.

We make sure that our massage therapist, dietitians, and physical trainers are fully licensed and insured. We verify that they are trained in current practices in their field. And guarantee that they provide excellent service to all who enter our facility.

"For the betterment of all, and the one" is our motto.

Our private facility is situated on a natural spring in the lush tropics where the daily hustle and bustle of the modern world seems naught but a dream. The tropical surroundings comforts and eases away your worries while our mediations and yoga classes invigorates your mind and body.

The dining facilities provide balanced and healthy meals that nourish your body while helping you expel toxins that the body naturally builds up and can do you harm.

Mind, Body, and Spirit, Come join us for a week of relaxing your mind, reviving your body, and invigorating your spirit with Meditation, Nutrition, and Yoga.

Carpe Deum "seize the day"
Let our instructors teach you all that you need to make you feel like you can take on any situation that life throws at you.